Vagabund x John Doe

Vagabund x John Doe

Passion that connects. A joint project: Vagabond x John Doe Motoshirt

With Paul and Philipp from Vagabund, John Doe not only shares the enormous passion for motorcycles, but above all the ambition to push the boundaries of design and function again and again. The successful duo from Graz in Austria stands for uncompromisingly beautiful craftsmanship and has been stirring up the custom bike scene with their minimalism since 2015.
Designer Paul and mechanic Philipp put one great bike after the other on the market. The challenge of creating a commercial vehicle that is extremely pleasant to ride and is particularly attractive to look at without sacrificing functionality shows the parallel to John Doe quite clearly. Because a cooperation partner couldn't be more suitable, at the end of the day it was only a matter of time before a joint project with the charming Austrians would start. The result of the collaboration is the first official Vagabund X John Doe Motoshirt, which you can order since 2019.
Vagabund x John Doe
Vagabond creates functional works of art. The custom motorcycle brand is based in Styria and was founded in 2015 by creative head Paul Brauchart and mechanical engineer Philipp Rabl. Their love for old metal parts and their passion for vintage cars gave them the idea of ​​combining lifestyle and utility and using their craft to create functional works of art for motorcycle enthusiasts. In terms of style, minimalism meets perfection - so in every creation there is the challenge of combining form and function in such a way that the customer experiences a driving experience that is second to none.
Before the duo gets started, ideas are diligently drawn and designs sketched. The two always keep an eye on the wishes and needs of the driver. In the end, we still forge to size here. And what comes out of it is at least as nonconformist as it is conformist.
Vagabund x John Doe

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