Nino Kennis tells us about a Harley accident that he survived thanks to our motorcycle clothing.

We are on our way to Biarritz for the Wheels and Waves Festival. Along the way, we'll look for some tasty tapas to fill our empty stomachs. While the sun is going down, we drive to San Sebastián via the highway. It's teeming with tapas bars here. So we decide to test three different ones at the same time.

After a delicious dinner we head towards the highway on our Harleys. We stop at a gas station for refuel so all the boys can make it to Biarritz. About fifteen minutes later we come across a truck rolling in front of us, driving unusually slowly. We try to overtake him. I'm last in line. When I swerve, I see the others already braking.
I have no choice but to brake and somehow keep the bike under control. Dodging left is not an option, there are the concrete blocks. The truck on the right. I try to reduce my speed in as controlled a manner as possible, but I skid immediately. I slide left and right.

Then I lost control of my bike

As I lie on the ground, I see Tim running towards me: "Nino! Are you alright?” All I can think about is getting back on my feet. I take off my helmet and gloves. (Not the best thing to do at a time like this.) I slowly get up and walk to the curb. I notice immediately that something is wrong with my collarbone. Jordy tells me to sit down and relax. But I can not. My body is full of adrenaline, pain and anger.
A few minutes later, the ambulance picks me up. Jordy and Tim follow behind. We reach the hospital around one o'clock in the morning. The doctors check my hand, neck and collarbone. I have three pictures of each body part. The collarbone is up but not broken. The fall has severely overstretched and torn tendons and muscles. As soon as I'm back in Holland, I'm supposed to be examined again.

In the end I don't need surgery. Lots of rest and some exercise is all I need to do to slowly regain my strength. I'm glad I didn't break anything. I am blessed and thankful. I know I'm still here because I've been incredibly lucky. The moral of the story: "Dress for the slide, not for the ride." Take care!

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