John Doe Tube Springfield

JDT7009 John Doe Tube Springfield

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Lieferzeit 14 KW, 2024
  1. John Doe Tube Springfield
Artikelnr. JDT7009
Incl. VAT, Excl. shipping
Lieferzeit 14 KW, 2024
Incl. VAT, Excl. shipping
Lieferzeit 14 KW, 2024

Produkt Beschreibung

JDT7009 Springfield Tube

Multipurpose garment for all kinds of sport activities that provides maximum comfort and protection against the elements. The multifunctional John Doe Tunnel is made without seams and therefore will not lose its shape. The hi-tech fabric guarantees durability and dries unbelievably quick.

  • Seam-free tubular garment
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • Elastic for perfect fit
  • 100% technical microfiber
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Multi-usage possibility: face mask, neck warmer, bandana, beanie, etc.

5 years manufacturer warranty! In addition to the statutory warranty, you get an extended manufacturer warranty.


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