JD763-03 Speedking Photochromic Light To Grey

JD763-03 Speedking Photochromic Light To Grey

  1. JD763-03 Speedking Photochromic Light To Grey
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Produkt Beschreibung

Self-tinting John Doe Motorcycle Sunglasses
These photochromic glasses go within seconds from clear to tinted and vice-versa, depending on the exposure to the UV-light, therefore offering perfect visibility in every situation.
The removable foam insert protects from any turbulence and winds.
- Self-tinting lenses
- Removable foam padding
- Excellent comfort thanks to the durable frame construction
- 100% polycarbonate frame
- 100% polycarbonate lenses
- Ergonomically designed frame
- UV-protection by filtering 100% of all harmful UVA-, UVB-, UVC-rays and bluelight up to 400nm.


BRUCH- UND Kratzsicher U-Form FüR PERFEkTe Passform auch unter dem Helm ANPASSBAR IN IHREr Sehstärke Photochromatische OPTIONen ANTI FOG Beschichtung für alle gläser Foam padding on selected models UV400
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UV-A UND -B Strahlen
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